Finding an Industrial Pressure Washer for Your Cleaning Needs

October 25, 2017

First impressions matter to business customers. Keeping your business nice and tidy is important in helping customers form a favorable impression of your business. Pressure washers are important tools for doing just that. Finding the right industrial pressure washer to meet the needs of your business, though, might require a little help from the experts at Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd.

Can-Clean Pressure Washers is part of the Roy Turk family that offers the most extensive facility for the design, sales, and services of all pressure washing and cleaning equipment in Ontario. Not only do we have the biggest selection of pressure washing equipment to meet your needs, but also knowledgeable staff that is trained to help you find the right equipment to meet those needs – not the most expensive equipment your money can buy.

We can help you determine whether you need a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer to meet your needs. Choosing the right one can make a huge difference for the overall look and cleanliness of your business. We can also dig deeper to help you decide whether a gas pressure washer is your best choice or if you need an electric high pressure washer instead. Even among our extensive selection of hot water equipment we can help you decide if you’re best served by purchasing units that are electrically heated, heated with diesel or kerosene, or heated with natural gas or propane instead.

Roy Turk does have an extensive inventory of pressure washer products available to buy, including washers from some of the best names in the business, like Kodiak, Dynablast, and Karcher. Whether you buy your commercial pressure washer from us or simply need reliable service to maintain and extend the life of your existing equipment, you will find that the service department at Roy Turk is unsurpassed in the Greater Toronto Area.

If that isn’t enough, we also offer an extensive selection of accessories for your pressure washers, including things like drain cleaners, sand blasters, rotary nozzles, and more. Shop by our showroom today and let us treat you like a king while showing you the new toys and tools available to help you keep your business spic and span clean even if your budget is more in line with a pauper’s.

Why Roy Turk for Your High Pressure Power Washer Purchase?

The decision to buy a high pressure power washer for your business doesn’t have to be one that brings pain to your business or your budget. Shopping with the talented and professional staff at Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. will help you have a painless shopping experience while ensuring that you get the best pressure washer to meet the needs of your business.

Roy Turk remains committed to offering high quality and an extensive selection of the best tools in the business when it comes to pressure washing and other janitorial supplies for businesses. Additionally, we offer free delivery in the GTA, free call-in technical support, and same day shipping on in-stock parts and equipment.

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